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Hi —

I am Taehoon Park, an industrial designer/design engineer with over 6 years of experience in product development.

Throughout the human-centered design or user-centered design approach, depending on the design tasks, I challenge myself to maintain a curious and critical mindset, aiming to discover innovative design opportunities.

During the exploration process, I enjoy brainstorming both blue-sky ideas and practical concepts to uncover potential innovative design solutions. Moving into the development phase, I prioritize executing projects feasibly by engaging in constant dialogue with engineers while preserving the original design intent as much as possible.

In a multidisciplinary team setting, I prioritize effective communication. I firmly believe that clear and consistent communication streamlines the design process, aligns team goals and objectives, and ultimately leads to producing the best possible outcomes.

As a designer, I always seek opportunities to expand my knowledge and improve my craft. I enjoy exploring new products and analyzing details, such as imagining their design intent, DFMA approach, and how the mechanism works.

In my free time, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife, participating in outdoor activities such as golf and snowboarding, and exploring new good coffee places.


2024 IHA Global Innovation Awards (gia), Finalist, Mountain Lock Dryer

2023 Hazeltine Grant, Brown University, Kati

2023 IHA Global Innovation Awards (gia), Finalist, Home Organization + Storage, Handle-It Storage Bins

2022 GOOD DESIGN Awards, Winner, Household, Handle-It Storage Bins

2021 GOOD DESIGN Awards, Winner, Personal, Swivel Storage Caddy

2020 International Design Awards (IDA), Gold, Design For Society-Designs for Social Impact, icane

2020 International Design Awards (IDA), Gold, Design For Society-Design for Elders, icane

2020 International Design Awards (IDA), Silver, Multimedia-Interface Design, icane

2020 A' Design Award, Iron, Differently Abled and Seniors' Assistance Design, 2019 - 2020, icane

2020 Indigo Award, Silver, Interaction Design for Social Change 2020, icane

2020 Indigo Award, Bronze, UX, Interface & Navigation 2020, icane

2018 IDSA Student Merit Awards, Winner & Northeast SMA Finalist

2018 Academic Achievement Award in Industrial Design, SASD at University of Bridgeport

2017 Spark Design Award, Finalist, Spring Concept Design, AR-Cane

2016 Spark Design Award, Finalist, Spring Concept Design, Quartrone

2016 Auto Safety Competition, 3rd place, Quartrone

Featured on

2018 IDSA Winter INNOVATION Magazine, featured student design projects with the interview 

2017 Core77, featured AR-Cane project

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